Waste Management

Waste, a valuable resource

Population growth and rapid urbanisation has created a phenomenal waste management challenge globally.

OTDGovernments across the globe are calling for alternatives to traditional landfilling to dispose of non-recyclable wastes and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We face a pressing need for sustainable, long-term solutions to treat waste in a beneficial and environmentally responsible manner.

Over decades, Keppel Seghers has carved a place for itself as a leading specialist in the thermal treatment of residual waste to recover energy through waste-to-energy (WTE) technology.

Energy from the combustion of non-recyclable waste can be used to produce electricity and heat. Not only does it conserve fossil fuels, WTE is a net reducer of greenhouse gas emissions and diverts significant residual waste from landfill.

We leverage rich, accumulated experience in designing, developing, innovating and delivering individual WTE process sections and turnkey plants. Our proven and patented WTE technologies have been successfully implemented in more than 100 state-of-the-art facilities around the world.

 Keppel Seghers' suite of WTE solutions and technologies:

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