Combustion Systems

Combustion Systems

Our advanced grate technology and combustion control system developed over decades achieves optimal performance.

Keppel Seghers’ robust multi-stage air or water-cooled grate technology, coupled with its sophisticated combustion control system, enables maximum energy recovery, optimal process control and long service life.

Keppel Seghers Air-Cooled Grate

Keppel Seghers Air-Cooled GrateOur air-cooled grate is ideally suited for thermal treatment of municipal and industrial waste of low to middle calorific values.

It is the only combustion grate which incorporates separate and independently controlled. This results in better control of each reaction process and more complete combustion as waste is more thoroughly mixed.

  • Sliding tiles gradually push the refuse layer on the grate forward, hence establishing a slow and continuous movement.
  • Tumbling tiles disentangle and aerate the refuse, resulting in thorough mixing. This action is essential for drying and igniting the refuse, initiating combustion and assuring a complete burn-out.

The unique concept of independent vertical and horizontal movement allows our multi-stage grate to adapt effortlessly to short and long term fluctuations in waste or biomass composition.

Keppel Seghers Water-Cooled Grate

Our water-cooled grate is designed for high flexibilities in waste composition and combustion of higher calorific wastes.

  • Sliding rows with tiles making the horizontal movement: these rows move forward and backward horizontally in unison, thus ensuring that the burning waste layer is transported horizontally.
  • Stationary rows.

The water-cooling of the grate tiles protects the tiles against very high temperatures caused by the combustion of the waste and greatly reduces the risk of thermal corrosion.

With these grates, the primary air no longer has to guarantee the cooling of the combustion grate tiles. The dosing of primary air can be completely focused on an optimal combustion process.

Combustion control system

Our combustion control system is specifically designed to aid the optimal operation of WTE installations. The control system regulates the combustion process, providing direct feedback to the operators in order to preserve the efficiency and uniformity of the entire operation.

The system also enables the operator to have reliable and precise control over the combustion process by maintaining specified operating conditions, such as:

  • Constant and minimum discharge of flue gases, with a constant oxygen content;
  • Good quality slag;
  • Maximum control throughout;
  • Maximum energy production.