Pre-treatment System

Innovative sorting to improve treatment and recovery of mixed waste.

Waste is a heterogeneous mixture of different solid products. Before undergoing treatment, be through combustion, composting, or digestion, waste can be pre-treated to reduce its quantity, facilitate its handling and enhance its recovery.

Keppel Seghers Dano Drum

The Keppel Seghers Dano Drum is a simple and reliable solution to precondition waste for effective and efficient resource recovery.

The Dano Drum is a horizontally-mounted, rotating steel cylinder which automatically shreds, mixes and sorts refuse into components for either recycling, biological processing or combustion with energy recovery and landfill disposal.

It reduces the volume of the waste, enhances material recovery and facilitates handling of each waste fraction by its selected final treatment method.

The rotation of the drum, leads to the breakdown of waste as they repeatedly contact the drum wall and the harder elements in the mixture.

The physical breakdown of the soft organic material facilitates biological degradation process. It also makes it easy to screen and separate the organic fraction from the higher calorific value and harder waste components.

On exiting the drum, the materials pass over a rotary screen section where the organic and inert fractions are effectively separated. The outputs of pre-treatment fall into three main fractions:

  • an organic fraction,
  • a high calorific fraction, and
  • a predominantly inert mineral fraction.

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