We are an integrated solutions provider that derive synergy from being both a technology provider and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Specialist.

Once the plant is commissioned, Keppel Seghers still assists the client with its unique plant follow-up system which enables, at distance, to guide the operator in the management of its plant, give tips to enhance the performance of the plant, identify abnormal situations, determine if maintenance on a component is necessary and estimate future wear and tear of the component.

This remote follow-up is achieved by a systematic feedback of process data and operating experiences from plants built by KSBE within a meta database and platform for artificial intelligence supported analysis. The access is ergonomic and in Excel environment for further analysis.

The advantages are a better follow-up during warranty period, continuous improvement of technology and design and an active support of clients in time.

Keppel Seghers collects and analyses data from more than 40 waste-to-energy lines, with some plants having more than 10 consecutive years of operational and maintenance data.

A particular case is the Runcorn waste-to-energy plant ( Greater Manchester, UK), built by Keppel Seghers, where the client has appointed Keppel Seghers to provide a 5 years technical assistance service program based on the plant follow-up

Reference Projects

Runcorn EfW is one of the largest and most efficient facilities in Europe. Keppel Seghers’ specialist technical support for Runcorn TPS Phase 2 runs for a further 5 years, covering a broad scope including plant performance enhancement analytics and reports, assistance with major overhauls and personnel training.

We deliver customised solutions designed to improve operating plant availability, ensure safer production, prolong lifetime of equipment and optimise life cycle cost. Our team of specialists are passionate, continuously improving our WTE technology. We have a full spectrum of on-site and off-site specialist technical support through remote monitoring and control, data analysis and advice on plant performance, upgrading potential and advice, and guidance on process optimisation of availability, throughput, efficiency and lifetime.